Initially dedicated to ancestral beauty rituals, Baïja is a family story renewed from generation to generation. Passionate about natural cosmetics and with their experience in decoration, Elisabeth and Fabrice wanted to bring the best of both worlds together by creating products with demanding and addictive formulations. 'We were tired of the serious, boring, gloomy, sad, promising, purified, artificial cosmetics that were imposed on us. We dreamed of a positive brand, joyful, joyful, colorful, sensory, fun, uninhibited, different, unusual, quality, natural, greedy, genuine, true, vibrant, vibrant, sparkling, explosive, cheeky, aesthetic, stunning, solar energy , warm, exotic, light, stimulating, exuberant, crazy, quirky, daring, lively, passionate, spontaneous, accessible ... And so they founded the Baïja brand in 2012. Their desire was to create amazing and exclusive olfactory universes, unexpected associations, all formulated and made in France, with ingredients of natural origin, in short an ambitious recipe. Each universe is considered a couture collection where explosions of color mix with flowers and artistic elements. Baïja is more than a brand, it is an anti-graying agent that invites good humor to bring you a new idea of beauty and care. " Baïja: happiness in pots!

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